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Kóto naxe ko kuu ma, kivi kiꞌin o ma.

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Looking into the future

SaviE (Empresa Savi) is based out of the U.S. in the San Francisco Bay Area. The founder of SaviE is of the Mixtec Region of Mexico. We provide private business consulting and operations support services across various industries through our remote-virtual operations. One of our focus areas is emerging markets.


At SaviE (Empresa Savi), we help solve business problems. Our Senior Business Analyst, through consultancy and with experience in advising business leaders, works with organizations, stakeholders and subject matter experts to analyze and understand business problems and business needs to determine business solution(s). We also provide business services and operations support when our services are within the scope of identified business solution(s). We are a helpdesk to business services needs.


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